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Coaching Youth Lacrosse in MBYLL
This document is designed to provide step-by-step instructions for registering and completing the prerequisites for becoming a certified coach in MBYLL.
Important Reminders
  • Certification lasts two years
  • Upon certification, you will receive an MBYLL coaching card that must be visibly worn at all times while coaching (Lanyards will be provided)
  • At least one coach per Classic team must be MBYLL certified
  • Every coach (head and assistant) for select teams must be certified
  • If you were certified last year (or are MBYLL Level 2 certified) or are an assistant coach and not planning on being certified this year, you still must register yourself with MBYLL
The prerequisites for MBYLL Level 1 Certification
1) You must be registered as a coach with MBYLL
2) You must have a valid US Lacrosse membership number (good through June 30th, 2014)
            See page 2 for instructions for renewing your US Lacrosse membership
3) You must be CORI checked annually through your town administrator
4) You must take and pass the PCA Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons online course (one-time course)
            See page 3 for instructions on registering and taking the PCA online course
5) You must take and pass the US Lacrosse Level 1 online course (one-time course)
            See page 4 for instructions on registering and taking the USL Level 1 online course
6) Attend an MBYLL clinic (You may also attend a US Lacrosse Level 1 clinic or a Trilogy clinic)
            See page 5 for instructions on registering for an MBYLL clinic
Renewing Your US Lacrosse Membership (Individual)
1) Visit:
2) Click on "My Account" either in the upper right corner or under the "roll-over" menu: Membership
3) Sign-in using your username and password
            If you don't have that information, you can click the link: "What's my username?"
                        This will prompt a screen asking for either your USL Membership # or your general info
            There are links you can click to either look-up or reset your username and password
            Your existing Membership # can be found by clicking on "Membership" and finding the icon                   for "Looking Up Membership Number"
4) When you log in, you will see your profile.  The fourth section down is: "Membership Info"
            You should see your existing type of membership, expiration date, and option to renew
5) Click the option to "Renew" next to your "Adult Membership"
6) You will be asked: "Who is Joining US Lacrosse?"  Click on the icon for yourself (You can do multiple   members of your family simultaneously if you prefer).  Click "Next" after you've selected    yourself.
7) Review your information to confirm its accuracy and make corrections where necessary.  Click "Confirm" when done.
8) Specify that you are a coach, in Massachusetts, under your primary program (Your town), for the Men's / Boy's Game (Youth).  You can also select one free rule book of your choice.  Click "Next"
9) You will see the cost ($50.00) and your local chapter (Eastern Massachusetts) and have the option to opt out of the 12 month subscription to US Lacrosse Magazine.  Click "Next"
10) A pop-up of the Code of Conduct will appear.  Read it, click the box certifying that you have read and understand it.  Click "Continue"
11) You have the option of contributing / donating to the US Lacrosse Foundation.  After you have selected your amount or declined, click "Proceed to check-out"
12) Enter your payment information and click "Process Order"
A copy of your purchase summary as well as information confirmation will be emailed to you.
Your membership will be valid through March 2015 and you are able to register for online courses and MBYLL registration.

Taking the PCA Double Goal Coach Online Course
1) Set aside the Free code given after you've registered for an MBYLL clinic (See page 5)
2) Visit
3) Under the "Coaches & Officials" tab, click on "Coaches Registration Spring 2014"
4) In the first highlighted yellow section of the page, scroll over and click on "PCA online Double Goal coach course."  This will take you directly to:
5) Under the Course Title box for Coaches, locate the "Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons.  To the right of that in the View Demo or Purchase Course, click on "Purchase»"
6) Under "New registration? There are TWO OPTIONS:" Select OPTION 1 and click on "Register with a voucher code"
7) Enter the provided code in the "Voucher Code" field as well as your email address and other Profile information.  Under "Course Registration Information," type MBYLL in the Youth Sports Organization field.  Most of the rest of the information is voluntary.  Please check that you are associated with US Lacrosse.  Under "How Did You Hear About Us?" select "PCA Partner Organization/School.  Create your password.  Click "Register" at the bottom right of the screen.
8) After the registration loads (it may take a few minutes) you will come across the Positive Coaching Alliance Online Learning Center.  If the Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons doesn't appear under "Current Courses," click the "My Home" tab on the left side and it should appear when you refresh.  Click on the course "Double-Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons."
9) After the brief advertisement, click "Continue to Course"
10) After completing the course, click the "My History" tab on the left side of the page to view the courses you've completed and to be able to view/print your certificate.

Taking the US Lacrosse Level 1 Online Course
1) Set aside your US Lacrosse membership number (valid through 3/31/15)
2) Visit
3) Under the "Coaches & Officials" tab, click on "Coaches Registration Spring 2014"
4) In the first highlighted yellow section of the page, scroll over and click on "US Lacrosse Level 1 online course."  This will take you directly to:
5) Towards the bottom right section of the page, there is an area for "Free Online Education Courses."  Under the picture, click on "Take a course."  This will take you to the US Lacrosse E-Learning Portal.
6) In the middle bottom of the page, you will see a section "Get Your Courses." Under the icon, click "Browse Courses."
7) You may be prompted to sign-in with your US Lacrosse username and password.  If you haven't already created a username and password (see page 2), you can do so here.
8) Under "Courses Currently Available" you will want to focus your attention on "Men's Level 1 Coaching Online Course."  Click "Add to Cart."
9) On the same page, on the left side of the page in the menu, click "Shopping Cart" (the second from option from the bottom).  You will see Men's Level 1 Online Course as your lone shopping cart item for $0.00.  Click "Check Out."
10) Assuming you do not wish to make a gift donation, click "Continue Checkout."
11) On the next "Complete Checkout" screen, click "Process Order."
12) To access the course, you must return to the "US Lacrosse E-Learning Portal."  You can do this by first getting back to the Online Course page by clicking on the "Online Courses" tab on the vertical menu on the left.  Click on the red bubble "Enter the US Lacrosse E-Learning Portal."
13) You will see a number of horizontal tab options starting with "Home."  Directly next to it, click on "Your Courses."  You can also find this at the top right-hand of the page in between your username and the log-out option.  If the tab next to "Home" says "Get Courses," you must re-sign-in to see "Your Courses."
14) You will see two courses.  You are only required to take the "Men's Fundamentals of Coaching."  To take the exam, click "Begin" next to the course title.
15) After completing the course, return to the US Lacrosse E-Learning Portal and click "Your Courses" to be able to view, download, and/or print your certificate.

Registering for an MBYLL Level 1 Coaching Certification Clinic
1) Visit:
2) Under the "Coaches & Officials" tab, click on "Coaches Registration Spring 2014"
3) Select the clinic that you wish to attend.  You will see the location, date, time, address, base cost, and status for each clinic.  Click "Begin Registration"
4) Click "Continue" to acknowledge that you are over 18
5) Sign-In with your league athletics / account (using email and password) or create a new account if you haven't done so in the past
6) Click on your name.  This will bring you to your personal information profile.  Confirm or add your information including: Name, address, phone, email, gender, date of birth, and USL #.  Click "Submit" when all the information entered is accurate.
7) Select your program, your age level, and your role in the drop down menus.  Click the box to agree that your town will/has conducted a CORI check.  Click "Submit" when you are done.
8) The review page is extremely important.  I recommend printing this page for your records.  It contains the necessary information for completing the prerequisites for attending the clinic including the code for PCA course which makes the course free (You will be emailed a copy of this information once you've completed the registration process).  You can pay for the clinic (as well as anything else you are registering including your Town Registration Fee and your Classic and/or Select teams.  To do so, click "Pay Now."  To go back and add registrations (including coaching clinics, town programs, and teams) click "Register Another."
9) To pay, enter your billing and payment information.  When complete, click "Submit Payment."
10) You will be directed to a page which says "Transaction Approved."  It will also list the items that you registered/paid for.  Print this out for your records.